Lost Archive

Trip Hop Loops

Prise the lid off a deep, atmospheric archive of 470+ Trip Hop Loops, Samples, MIDI & more!
String Theory

Hip Hop Guitars & Beats

300+ Hip Hop Guitar, Bass & Instrumental Samples served with vintage, jazzy vibe!
Guitar Bundle

Loops & Samples

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Sunset Electronica

Guitar Loops & Beats

Invite pure, golden summer into your studio with 157 Guitars, Beats & more!

Sunset Electronica

"The Guitars are very nice, including buoyant riffs, evocative leads and intricate arpeggios"
- Computer Music / Music Radar


Chillwave Guitars & Loops

Plunge into a warm sonic pool of 200+ Chillwave Guitars, Drums & More!
Atomic SFX

Dance Hits & Loops

An evolutionary SFX Sample collection with enough energy to light up the night sky!