Soft synths allow for limitless possibilities within your music and our range of royalty-free synth presets are designed to unlock every last drop of this potential, from massive basses and fiery leads to enveloping pads, delicate textures and beyond!
Dust Road

Massive Vintage Presets

Fuzzy, warm and blissful Synths - take the Dust Road to analogue heaven!

Massive Pad Presets

Airy Pads, shimmering Textures and kinetic Synth Sequences for Massive!
Spectral Surface

Massive Texture Presets

A sensory onslaught of innovative sound design for Massive - 50 intense Presets!

Spectral Surface

"It takes a deep understanding of NI Massive to consistently design patches this well-made."
- Ohm Lab

Inspiring Synth Presets & MIDI For Your Soft Synth

Synth presets of all shapes and sizes, from the deepest, darkest bass for NI Massive and the most ethereal, uplifting synth leads for Xfer Serum, to soaring pads, arps, chords, textures, SFX and beyond - this is what the ModeAudio collection of custom, royalty-free synth patches makes instantly available to you!

You gain instant access to richly experienced, inventive programming, modulation routings and intuitive macro assignments with every one of our synth presets packs. This conjures instant vibe and character for use inside your music productions, which you can shape to your precise needs with just a few clicks of your mouse.

We've worked alongside many of the world's leading soft synth developers to craft presets that take full advantage of every last feature of the VST synth in question - download one of our packs and take advantage of this expertise in your music today!