Guitar Samples & Loops

Kick out the jams with our selection of fuzzy electric guitar loops and full-throttle guitar samples, or lull your audience into blissful states with gentle, plucked riffs and delay-drenched chord progressions - choose below!
Driven Guitar Loops

Mini Pack 0002

Unleash the oceanic power of 50 analog-driven guitar riffs, leads & chords in your music!
Woozy Guitar Loops

Mini Pack 0015

Put the soul back into your beats with 100 lush, vintage-style electric guitar loops, licks & riffs!
Post Rock Guitar Loops

Mini Pack 0018

Wrap your music in layers of evocative harmony & elemental atmosphere with 112 smouldering Guitar & Bass Loops!

Post Rock Guitar Loops

"...we salute the ModeAudio team for these expertly crafted guitar & bass loops"
- Computer Music / Music Radar

Sleepless City

Deep R&B Loops

Dark, atmospheric R&B Loops, full of deep Drums, Synths & soaring Guitars!
Mystic Rhythm

Electric Guitar Loops

Vibrant strums; peaceful plucks; trippy chords; 800MB+ of Guitar Loops!

Mystic Rhythm

"This collection is pretty darn impressive - it's like having a studio guitarist in your room"
- Ohm Lab

Beat Scenics

Loops & Samples

Take a long, refreshing drive through the sunny LA Beat Scene - 120 Loops & More!
Sunset Electronica

Guitar Loops & Beats

Invite pure, golden summer into your studio with 157 Guitars, Beats & more!

Sunset Electronica

"The Guitars are very nice, including buoyant riffs, evocative leads and intricate arpeggios"
- Computer Music / Music Radar

Trap Kingdom

Trap Loops & Samples

430MB of deep, bass-drenched Trap Loops & dangerously majestic Samples!
String Theory

Hip Hop Guitars & Beats

300+ Hip Hop Guitar, Bass & Instrumental Samples served with vintage, jazzy vibe!

String Theory

"Expertly crafted loops and samples that will respond to whatever you devise"
- Bedroom Producers Blog

Dream Days

LoFi Hip Hop Loops

Feel the breeze & drift into the clouds with 459MB of soulful Hip Hop loops & LoFi drum samples!
Electric Boogie

Retro Dance Loops

Slip your shades on & get ready to boogie with 490MB of 80s synth nostalgic & retro drum machine action!

Chillwave Guitars & Loops

Plunge into a warm sonic pool of 200+ Chillwave Guitars, Drums & More!
Lost Archive

Trip Hop Loops

Prise the lid off a deep, atmospheric archive of 470+ Trip Hop Loops, Samples, MIDI & more!
Soft Focus

Future R&B Loops

419 smooth R&B Loops, big Drum Samples & MIDI - dark, delicious & addictive!
Groove Machine

Synth Pop Loops

449MB of slick, neon-lit, dancefloor-ready Synth Pop Loops & New Wave Samples!

Chill Electronic Loops

725MB of blissful Drum Beats, floating Electric Guitars & soaring Synths Loops!

Electronic Loops & Samples

Travel around the globe with 445MB of sumptuously cinematic loops, samples & MIDI!
Shared Tomorrow

Analog Downtempo Loops

Wash your next track in 611MB of drifting analog warmth, from shimmering pads to gigantic drums & more!

LA Beat Loops

Tune into 491MB of psychedelic synths, sun-soaked keys & swaggering Hip Hop drum rhythms!

Dark Trip Hop Loops

Wade into the deliciously dark, smoky atmosphere of Trip Hop with 601MB of massive beats, synths & guitar riffs!

Driving Electric Guitar Riffs & Samples For Your Next Track

Our premium set of electric guitar samples and loops comes from a deep love for the sound and feel of the instrument itself. We take the utmost care in capturing the best performances, perfectly recording, processing, editing and formatting each and every string sound, so they are as inspiring to your music as a spark is to a flame!

From sweeping guitar lead samples and intricate guitar riffs, to hazy guitar strums, plucked arpeggios, guitar chord samples and beyond, many of our guitar sound packs present their content in both wet and dry versions. This gives you the option of getting straight to work after download, or experimenting with your own plugins and amp sims.

These WAV guitar samples cover everything from deep R&B tones to relaxed, Chillwave guitar riffs, Hip Hop guitar leads and more - layer your music in rich, harmonious guitar sample bliss now!