Future Trap

Massive Presets & MIDI Loops

50 bouncing, ballistic Trap Presets for Massive to propel your music into the future!
Dark Waves

Massive Deep House Presets

Sink with these 50 Presets and 50 MIDI Files to the dark heart of your music!
Burst SFX

Thor & Combinator Presets

55 burning, intergalactic SFX Presets for Reason's Thor & Combinator!
Curved Horizon

FM8 Vintage Presets

Discover the warm heart of FM8 with 50 glowing Presets and MIDI Loops!

Curved Horizon

"Interesting, original textures that have specific personalities - ideal for many different genres"
- Soundista

Power Tools

Drum Samples & Patches

330 crushing Drum Samples and 30 Drum Kit Patches - elevate your drum sound!
Beat Scenics

Loops & Samples

Take a long, refreshing drive through the sunny LA Beat Scene - 120 Loops & More!

Beat Scenics

"Excellently programmed for a chilled hip-hop feel - unusual and very inspiring"
- MusicTech Mag

Edge of Noise

FM8 SFX Presets

50 searing, sputtering and soaring SFX Presets to inspire your FM8 synth!
Mystic Rhythm

Electric Guitar Loops

Vibrant strums; peaceful plucks; trippy chords; 800MB+ of Guitar Loops!

Mystic Rhythm

"This collection is pretty darn impressive - it's like having a studio guitarist in your room"
- Ohm Lab


Deep Trap Loops

Drive double-doses of thick, dirty Bass and sugary, saturated Synths into your music!
Dust Road

Massive Vintage Presets

Fuzzy, warm and blissful Synths - take the Dust Road to analogue heaven!

Dust Road

"I love the movement, the slight variations you get when holding a note and the useful macros"
- Rekkerd

Orbital SFX

Massive Presets

Send your tracks soaring and whirling around the planets with 50 SFX Presets!
Broke Beats

Hip Hop Drum Loops

Big, brazen Hip Hop Beats, Samples and MIDI, fusing vintage dirt with modern sheen!
Hyper Beats

Maschine Presets

Add a whole new hyperactive dimension to your drum sound with 160 Drum Presets!
Drum Collider

Kong Presets

160 thumping, chunky and daringly unusual Drum Presets for Reason's Kong!
Dream Patterns

Thor House Presets

50 sparkling House Presets for Reason's thunderous Thor Synth!
Urban Middle East

Field Recordings 004

The air is thick with heat and sounds of the bustling city in these 6 Field Recordings!

Field Recordings 003

Feel the waves crashing on the rocks with these 6 Ambient Field Recordings!

Field Recordings 002

6 Field Recordings deliver green fields in the sun to heathland in the freezing wind!

Field Recordings 001

Uncover dripping leaves and creaking branches in these 6 Ambient Field Recordings!
Atomic SFX

Dance Hits & Loops

An evolutionary SFX Sample collection with enough energy to light up the night sky!