Dance Bundle 2

Loops & Samples

$98.96 $54.98
Wade into the deep end of Dance culture with 1.7GB of pounding House beats, Techno synths, Dub bass & beyond!

Cinematic Loops & Rhythms

Drift amongst clouds & let the cool breeze into your music with 593MB of soaring Synths, Textures & Rhythms!

Synthwave Soundtrack Samples

Soak your music in neon-tinged texture & extrovert synthwork with this 579MB set of Synthwave loops & samples!


"All the synth sounds you want are a rooftop chase in low gravity"
- Bedroom Producers Blog


String Texture Samples

Bathe your music in 738MB of rich, warm string drones & Ambient orchestral textures!
Modular Living

Synth Loops & Sequences

$24.74 $21.99
Loose your music in a sea of patch cables & blinking LEDs with 332MB of banging modular synth loops, drum & sequences!
Monumental Ambient Samples

Mini Pack 0017

Unleash a colossal tidal wave of sound on your next track with 1GB of sprawling Ambient drones & textures!
Miniscule Ambient Samples

Mini Pack 0016

Peer down the microscope & unlock an entire universe of vivid granular sound with 60 captivating SFX samples!

Cinematic Drones & Textures

Embrace the quiet before the snowstorm with 2GB of simmering drones, swirling textures & mountainous rhythms!


"...this evocative collection of elemental quite the journey"
- Computer Music / Music Radar

Astral Phase

Synthwave Loops

Detonate a supernova of electric sound in your DAW with 481MB of blistering Synthwave loops & samples!

Noise Texture Samples

Prepare to be blown away in a 1.43GB storm of seething noise samples, singed textures & blissful drones!


"...full of sparkling, vibrant, moving & shimmering sounds to invigorate even lifeless tracks"
- Soundbytes

Grit & Groove

LoFi Hip Hop Loops

Hit play & plunge back into a nostalgic world of tape & vintage gear with 202 LoFi Hip Hop loops & samples!

Downtempo Piano Loops

Propel your music amidst the rippling clouds with 491MB of ethereal pianos, flickering ambiences & organic rhythms!


"A fantastic pack of beautiful, evocative piano riffs & ambiences packed with emotion"
- MusicTech Mag


Dark Cinematic Loops

$24.74 $21.99
Creep out your next track with 648MB of spooky synths, monstrous bass & ghostly Ambient textures!
Woozy Guitar Loops

Mini Pack 0015

Put the soul back into your beats with 100 lush, vintage-style electric guitar loops, licks & riffs!

Driven Drum Samples

Harness the sound of vintage drum machines driven through a guitar amp & pedals with 381 ultra-characterful, super-punchy drum samples!

Industrial Drum Samples

Hard hats on & brace yourself for impact - 420 heavyweight drum & percussion samples flying your way!

Ambient Samples & Textures

$27.49 $24.74
Drift through an expanse of shimmering light with 2.2GB of Ambient drones, textures & blissful basses!

Serum Synthwave Presets

Enter a shadowy world of looming architecture, synthesis & dark dreams with 50 dystopian Synthwave presets for Serum!

Sci-Fi Cinematic Loops

Shroud your soundtrack in dystopian mystery with 632MB of shadowy synth ambiences, Sci-Fi textures & pulsating drums!

Industrial Ambient Loops

Run a smoky, mesmeric gauntlet of 255 dystopian drones, Industrial beats & Ambient textures within your next track!