Drum rhythms are the foundation of most of the genres we love best - so it is with great care that we bring you our selection of the heaviest analog kicks, crispest snares, most unusual percussion and more, packed with as much character as possible!
Drum Collider

Drum Hits [Extension]

160 rock-solid Drum Samples - grab the essentials & tripped-out sound design!
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Inspiring Drum Samples & Kits For Your Next Beat

The punchiest drum samples, snappiest percussion sounds, most electrifying sound effects and versatile, flexible drum kit sampler patches available anywhere - welcome to the ModeAudio hits and patches library, where huge kick samples, phat snares and explosive hi hats are never in short supply!

All of our hits and patches sample packs are jammed full of thumping analog drum machine samples, drum synth sounds and unique found percussion hits, through to sweeping transition SFX and far beyond. From the familiar to the otherworldly, there's something to transform and elevate your next rhythm in our collection.

We also include expertly mixed and matched DAW sampler kits in each of our hits and patches packs, which you can load in your software straight after download and delivering one thing above all else - making your beats sound bigger and bolder than ever before!