Downtempo & Chillout Sounds

Deep, surging drum grooves, atmospheric synths, rolling percussion, lush instrumental sounds and laid-back bass riffs - this is what you'll find in our selection of Downtempo loops and Chillout samples. Find your next blissful beat below!
Spectral Surface

Texture Hits [Extension]

An otherworldly collection of 49 evolving, mind-bending Synth Texture Samples!

Massive Pad Loops [Extension]

50 Pad and Chord Progression Loops, from blissful to brooding and beyond!
Dream Patterns

Thor House Loops

50 vibrant House Synth Loops, from smooth Bass to silky Sequences and more!
Hyper Beats

Drum Hits [Extension]

Slam the bang back into your beat with 160 phat Drum Samples and 10 Sampler Kits!
Dust Road

Massive Vintage Loops [Extension]

Welcome to the sun-baked, dreamy sound of 53 Bass & Synth Loops!
Edge of Orbit

SFX Samples

Lock, load and blast off with 100 powerful and uplifting SFX samples!
Curved Horizon

Synth & Bass Loops [Extension]

Feast your ears on 50 beautifully warm, analog-style Synth, Pad and Bass loops!
Golden Temple

Hip Hop Loops & MIDI

Pure digital energy pulsates through these Hip Hop Synth Loops, Drum Samples and MIDI!
Open Spaces

Vintage R&B Loops

Fire up 50 Synth & Bass Loops for analog-style R&B flavours with a modern twist!

Chillwave Synth & Bass Loops

Drift amongst the hazy clouds with 50 Chillwave Synth & Bass Loops!
Analog Pad Loops

Mini Pack 0001

Wrap your music in thick clouds of pure analog sound with our first Mini Pack, delivering 50 pad loops dripping with vintage character!
Driven Guitar Loops

Mini Pack 0002

Unleash the oceanic power of 50 analog-driven guitar riffs, leads & chords in your music!
Ambient Texture Loops

Mini Pack 0003

Immerse your music in a sonic bath filled with the warmth of 50 orchestral & electronic ambiance loops!
Noise Texture Loops

Mini Pack 0004

50 mesmerising Noise & Granulated Texture Loops await you in this hypnotic Mini Packs release!
Vintage Drum Loops

Mini Pack 0005

Take home your very own sonic time machine with 50 classic Hip Hop drum breaks & jazzy drum samples!
Vintage Keys Loops

Mini Pack 0006

Cloak your next beat in layers of dusty analog warmth with 74 jazzy electric keys & toasty drum loops!
Minimal Piano Loops

Mini Pack 0009

Flash soft rays of delicate, emotionally charged light over your music with 66 intricate Minimal Piano Loops & Orchestral Textures!
Piano Texture Loops

Mini Pack 0010

Take home 50 shimmering, deeply textured Ambient layers that transform the piano into a vibrant drone generator!
String Texture Loops

Mini Pack 0011

Release 60 lush, luminous string loops within your next Ambient production & send it soaring into the outer atmosphere!
Wind Texture Loops

Mini Pack 0012

Elevate your next soundtrack with 60 ethereal, levitating Woodwind texture loops!

Inspiring Downtempo Loops & Chillout Samples For Your Next Beat

There's nothing better to do when you've got that summery feeling than make deep, atmospheric Downtempo beats and we've got you completely covered with our selection of warm, analog drum grooves, chilled synth leads, enveloping synth presets and more, all ready and willing to be thrown straight into the nearest DAW!

Fusing the power of modern synthesis with professional instrumental performance, our catalogue of royalty-free Downtempo sounds spans reverb-drenched guitar riffsdusty bass and energetic live drum grooves, to the blissed-out, early morning tail of the club sound spectrum.

Whether you're cooking up nostalgic Chillwave sounds or soulful Downtempo House, our premium library of samples, loops and synth patches will transform your sound into something tranquil, serene and lush in a heartbeat. Just pick your pack, download and prepare to be carried off downstream!