Percussion Samples

Percussion is a particular passion of ours - we love crafting strange, otherworldly and unique percussion samples built from found sound sources, field recordings and our collection of drum machines. Choose your sounds and transform your rhythms below!
Drum Collider

Drum Hits [Extension]

160 rock-solid Drum Samples - grab the essentials & tripped-out sound design!
Hyper Beats

Drum Hits [Extension]

Slam the bang back into your beat with 160 phat Drum Samples and 10 Sampler Kits!
Cassette 808 Drums

Mini Pack 0013

Wash your next booming 808 beat in the retro crunch & hiss of a vintage tape machine with 112 driven, punchy drum samples!
Minimalist Percussion Loops

Mini Pack 0014

Let a pulsing rhythmic tide propel your next track with 60 hypnotically Minimalist Tuned Percussion Loops!
Machine Attacks

Drum Hits

An ultra-versatile collection of 238 Drum Machine Samples - boom and bang!

Found Percussion Hits

150 Samples of thumps, knocks, flicks, tears & more - enter new drum dimensions!


"This is exactly what I’m looking for in a percussive library of this type"
- Bedroom Producers Blog

Atomic SFX

Dance Hits & Loops

An evolutionary SFX Sample collection with enough energy to light up the night sky!

Deep House Drum Samples

314 huge Deep House Drum Samples of pure punch & power, plus 12 epic Drum Kits!
Hyper Beats

Maschine Presets

Add a whole new hyperactive dimension to your drum sound with 160 Drum Presets!

Hyper Beats

"A ton of work has clearly gone into this pack, resulting in high-impact percussion."
- Computer Music / Music Radar

Dark Waves

Massive Deep House Presets

Sink with these 50 Presets and 50 MIDI Files to the dark heart of your music!
Future Trap

Massive Presets & MIDI Loops

50 bouncing, ballistic Trap Presets for Massive to propel your music into the future!

Future Trap

"For those killer drops that will make heads explode, you'll want to bring in 1 or 2 of these leads"
- Soundista

Open Spaces

Massive Vintage R&B Presets

Light the vibrant, analog fire within Massive with 50 Synth & Bass Presets!

Massive Chillwave Presets

Infuse your sound with a warm, Chillwave breeze - 50 Synth Presets for Massive!


"We highly recommend this pack for its overall chillout mood, following a theme without compromise"
- Sampleria

Beat Scenes

Massive Presets

60 warm, worn & full-flavour Hip Hop presets for NI Massive - from LA with love!
Sleepless City

Deep R&B Loops

Dark, atmospheric R&B Loops, full of deep Drums, Synths & soaring Guitars!
Machine Code

Serum Sequence Presets

Propel your music into vibrant skies with 50 kinetic sequence presets for Serum, built from 40 custom wavetables!
Broke Beats

Hip Hop Drum Loops

Big, brazen Hip Hop Beats, Samples and MIDI, fusing vintage dirt with modern sheen!

Deep Trap Loops

Drive double-doses of thick, dirty Bass and sugary, saturated Synths into your music!
Power Tools

Drum Samples & Patches

330 crushing Drum Samples and 30 Drum Kit Patches - elevate your drum sound!

Drum Loops & Samples

Dive in and drift off with 120 chilled-out Drum Loops & 60 big, bold Drum Samples!

Punchy Percussion Loops & Samples For Your Next Rhythm

Percussion sounds big and small, from thundering tom samples, rasping shakers, snappy wood blocks, delicate found percussion and ringing triangles right down to the crispest of snare rims - this is what you'll find in each of ModeAudio's royalty-free percussion sample packsperfectly edited for instant use in your productions!

Our collection of sparkling percussive power spans tight, plucky drum synth sounds, deep, resonant drum machine toms, warm, rounded analog percussion samples, spiky, metallic cymbal sounds and beyond. Each of our percussion releases is packed with armfuls of percussion to pepper over your beats, adding glistening new layers to your music.

As well as the percussion samples themselves, many of our sound packs also contain pre-mixed and matched percussion kits and sampler patches, crafted with care and attention to bring you ready-made sets of sounds to drop into your DAW sessions the moment after download.