Synth Sounds

We are obsessed with synths - from finding the warmth in retro analog hardware to igniting blistering leads using cutting-edge soft synths, our dedication to the art of synthesis is packed into each and every one of our synth loops and sample packs!
Spectral Surface

Texture Hits [Extension]

An otherworldly collection of 49 evolving, mind-bending Synth Texture Samples!
Dubstep Metropolis

Synth Loops [Extension]

50 manic, epic Dubstep Synth & Bass Loops that aren't afraid of the dark!

Massive Pad Loops [Extension]

50 Pad and Chord Progression Loops, from blissful to brooding and beyond!
Vanishing Points

FM8 Minimal Synth Loops [Extension]

50 fizzing and popping Minimal Basses and Synth Chord Progression Loops!
Dream Patterns

Thor House Loops

50 vibrant House Synth Loops, from smooth Bass to silky Sequences and more!
Dust Road

Massive Vintage Loops [Extension]

Welcome to the sun-baked, dreamy sound of 53 Bass & Synth Loops!
Dark Waves

Deep House Loops

Dive deep into a mysterious, sonorous world of 52 Bass & Synth Loops!
Future Trap

Synth & Bass Loops

Blow up your bass with 50 massive Trap Synth & EDM Bass Loops!
Curved Horizon

Synth & Bass Loops [Extension]

Feast your ears on 50 beautifully warm, analog-style Synth, Pad and Bass loops!
Golden Temple

Hip Hop Loops & MIDI

Pure digital energy pulsates through these Hip Hop Synth Loops, Drum Samples and MIDI!
Open Spaces

Vintage R&B Loops

Fire up 50 Synth & Bass Loops for analog-style R&B flavours with a modern twist!

Chillwave Synth & Bass Loops

Drift amongst the hazy clouds with 50 Chillwave Synth & Bass Loops!
Analog Pad Loops

Mini Pack 0001

Wrap your music in thick clouds of pure analog sound with our first Mini Pack, delivering 50 pad loops dripping with vintage character!
Ambient Texture Loops

Mini Pack 0003

Immerse your music in a sonic bath filled with the warmth of 50 orchestral & electronic ambiance loops!
Granular Texture Loops

Mini Pack 0007

Infuse your next music production in 224MB of shimmering Ambient textures & fraying, melodic drones!
Analog Arp Loops

Mini Pack 0008

Unleash the widescreen power & colour of 50 gorgeously analog synth arp loops within your next music production!

Analog Arp Loops

"...Analog Arp Loops is well worth the tiny asking price."
- Computer Music / Music Radar

Monumental Ambient Samples

Mini Pack 0017

Unleash a colossal tidal wave of sound on your next track with 1GB of sprawling Ambient drones & textures!
Atomic SFX

Dance Hits & Loops

An evolutionary SFX Sample collection with enough energy to light up the night sky!

Serum Electronic Presets

$19.35 $16.59
Carry your music to the highest peak with 50 cascading .fxp presets for Xfer Serum & 22 Downtempo drum loops!


"Dusty and evocative - there's real imagination on display in [these] patches"
- Computer Music / Music Radar


Serum Chord Presets

$19.35 $16.59
Inject a healthy dose of classic House vibe into your Serum synth with 50 vibrant chord, bass & pad presets!

Searing Synth Samples & Analog Synth Loops For Your Next Track

Looking for inspiring, custom-produced synth samples? You've come to the right place! Our pro processed and edited synth sound packs are primed and ready to spice up your productions - from analog synth leads to explosive synth SFX samples, each can be slotted straight into your music, or chopped and twisted into exciting new forms!

We craft our synth loop libraries from a range of sources, including vintage, analog synths, innovative digital synths and even experimental, cutting-edge sound synthesis and processing techniques. These all combine to produce powerful sets of royalty-free synth leads, arps, pads, keys, gated synths and much more.

Our catalogue covers a wealth of synth flavours, from luscious Downtempo synths, slamming Synthwave leads, evolving Ambient synth layers and everything in between. Wether it's booming bass synths, ambient synth soundscapes or drum synth damage, give your productions some healthy ModeAudio synth-punch now!