Hyper Beats

Drum Hits [Extension]

Slam the bang back into your beat with 160 phat Drum Samples and 10 Sampler Kits!
Atomic SFX

Dance Hits & Loops

An evolutionary SFX Sample collection with enough energy to light up the night sky!
Hyper Beats

Maschine Presets

Add a whole new hyperactive dimension to your drum sound with 160 Drum Presets!

Hyper Beats

"A ton of work has clearly gone into this pack, resulting in high-impact percussion."
- Computer Music / Music Radar


Deep Trap Loops

Drive double-doses of thick, dirty Bass and sugary, saturated Synths into your music!
Beat Scenics

Loops & Samples

Take a long, refreshing drive through the sunny LA Beat Scene - 120 Loops & More!

Beat Scenics

"Excellently programmed for a chilled hip-hop feel - unusual and very inspiring"
- MusicTech Mag

Dark Waves

Massive Deep House Presets

Sink with these 50 Presets and 50 MIDI Files to the dark heart of your music!
Future Trap

Massive Presets & MIDI Loops

50 bouncing, ballistic Trap Presets for Massive to propel your music into the future!

Future Trap

"For those killer drops that will make heads explode, you'll want to bring in 1 or 2 of these leads"
- Soundista


Techno Loops

Breath deep and get swept away with 120 heady and grooving Techno Loops!
Open Spaces

Massive Vintage R&B Presets

Light the vibrant, analog fire within Massive with 50 Synth & Bass Presets!

Open Spaces

"Very well thought out and it definitely delivers...for what they are charging for it, it's a steal"
- AskAudio Mag

Diamond Web

Deep House Loops

Spin rich layers of deep, warm sound with 120 Deep House Loops & Much More!
Dance Bundle

Loops & Samples

$87.58 $52.00
4 blistering, dancefloor-ready Loops & Samples packs in 1!

Drum & Percussion Samples

Slam 210 expertly-warped Drum & Percussion samples into your DAW!

Massive Chillwave Presets

Infuse your sound with a warm, Chillwave breeze - 50 Synth Presets for Massive!
Drum Bundle

Samples & Patches

$69.79 $45.16
900+ Drum Samples & 60+ Kits of sheer power - download and duck for cover!

Ambient Loops

120 beautiful Ambient Loops & 43 Drum Samples to take your tunes on a journey...

Hip Hop Loops & Samples

Lose your head in deliriously smoky Hip Hop rhythm - 165 Samples & more!
Downtempo Bundle

Loops & Samples

$86.22 $54.74
600+ dreamy Downtempo Loops & Samples to kick-start a deep production trip!
House Generator

Ableton Live Racks

1.61GB of Ableton Live Racks & Samples - an entire mountain-range of House vibe!
Analog Snap

Percussion Samples

251 deep, smoky Analog Percussion Samples - bring the noise to your music!
Dawn House

House Loops & Samples

200+ Loops & Samples bouncing from epic Mainroom to hypnotic Deep House!